Privacy policy

Yuko Tamaki Accounting Office (hereinafter called; we) sets the privacy policy as follows, constructs the mechanism of protecting personal information, and promotes the protection of personal information by thoroughly implementing the recognition of the importance and approach of personal information within all employees.

Management of personal information
We implement necessary measures such as the maintenance of security systems, the development of control systems and the thorough education of employees, and manage personal information strictly by carrying out safety measures to keep the customer’s personal information precise and updated, and to prevent illegal access, losses, breakage, alteration or leakage of personal information.
Utilization purpose of personal information
We use the personal information received from customers to send emails and documents as contacts from us, guidance of service or answers to questions.
Prohibition on disclosure and provision of personal information to a third party
We manage personal information which is received from customers properly, and will never disclose personal information to third parties except in one of the following cases;
  • Cases with the customer’s consent
  • Cases in which we disclose to a consignment contractor to provide service requested by a customer
  • Cases in which it is necessary to disclose by law
Security measures for personal information
We take all possible security measures for the accuracy and the safety assurance of personal information.
Personal inquiry
When a customer desires inquiries, amendments, deletions, etc. of his/her own personal information, we will comply with the request after the identity verification.
Compliance with laws and rules / Revision of policy
We comply with Japanese laws and other rules applied in relation to retained personal information, and also endeavor to review and improve the contents of this policy.
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